Philips Ambilight TVs are the latest innovation in television technology. At Reliant, we stock top-rated Ambilight TVs, including ‘The One’, LED and OLED+ Televisions. No matter which Philips Ambilight TV you choose, you can be sure it will give you the best viewing experience. With its advanced technology and wide range of features, you can be sure that you will be able to create the perfect atmosphere for any room.

What is Philips Ambilight TV? 

Philips Ambilight TVs are the ultimate choice when it comes to quality home entertainment. With Ambilight, you can enjoy an immersive viewing experience that takes watching movies, shows and sports to another level. Ambilight creates a soft, halo-like glow around the TV, extending the picture from the display and enhancing the viewing experience with vibrant Ambilight colours. The intensity and hue of the light change in real-time, depending on the content you’re watching. Ambilight also enhances the sound, making it easier to hear whatever you’re watching. Whether watching a movie or a sports game, Philips Ambilight TVs are a perfect choice.

Discover Philip’s ‘The One’

Philips Ambilight 'The One' is the ultimate TV, with its advanced Ambilight technology, you get the most realistic and immersive viewing experience possible, bringing your favourite movies and TV shows to life. Its LEDs are placed around the edges of the TV, and when you watch content on the TV, the LEDs project the colours of the content onto the wall behind it, creating an incredible atmosphere in your living room. It also has advanced HDR10+ and Dolby Vision technologies and a powerful 4K processor, giving you the best picture quality available. With its slim design and built-in Alexa, you can control your TV and other compatible devices with your voice. 

Revolutionary OLED+ Technology

Philips OLED+ is a revolutionary display technology that offers an unparalleled viewing experience. With its deep blacks and vivid colours, Philips OLED+ displays bring your favourite movies, shows, and games to life like never before. With OLED, each pixel is individually lit, so you get perfect blacks, true colours, and an excellent level of detail. Philips OLED+ TVs take this further by adding advanced processing to optimise the picture. This includes HDR Perfect processing to ensure the brightest highlights, localised dimming to boost contrast, and advanced video processing to deliver smooth, natural motion.

A New Perspective for Gamers

The Philips Ambilight TVs are ideal for gaming due to their innovative technology. The Ambilight feature casts a halo of light from the back of the TV that mirrors the colours of the image on the screen. This creates an immersive experience by adding atmosphere and making games look more vivid. It also helps reduce eye strain, as it minimises the contrast between the screen and the surrounding environment, making it easier to focus on the game. Ambilight TVs also have a low input lag, meaning that the in-game action is always smooth and responsive. 

The Perfect Home Lighting Solution 

The Philips Ambilight TVs are some of the most innovative home lighting solutions available today. The Ambilight technology illuminates the walls behind the TV with soft, ambient light, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in the home. This lighting solution is designed to be energy efficient, with the lighting gently dimming and brightening according to the content being viewed on the TV. With the Ambilight TV, you can create a unique and stylish atmosphere to suit any room in your home. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply looking to relax, the Ambilight technology will provide an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere.

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