4K Ultra HD TVs

Experience television like you’ve never seen it before with our range of 4K TVs. With fantastic deals on 4K TVs from the biggest brands, including Samsung, LG and TCL, you’re bound to find the perfect 4K TV, with brighter & more vivid colours to heighten your tv viewing experience.

Vibrant 4K Ultra HD TV Quality

Enjoy the beauty of 4K resolution, with crystal clear colours to show every detail, in four times the resolution of full high definition. From 4K LED TVs to 4K OLED TVs, this screen technology is perfect for watching a feel-good family film or cheering on your favourite sports team, everything's better when it’s in 4K.

Smart TVs at Smart Prices

Appreciate striking picture quality with a new Ultra HD 4K TV, even whilst using streaming apps and browsing the internet. Did you know, our variety of 4K models are perfect TVs for gamers? It couldn’t be easier to lose yourself in a fantasy world! So sit down, relax, and discover your new TV at Reliant.

What is a 4K Ultra HD TV?

So what does 4K mean on a TV? A 4K TV is one with 4K resolution, which means the television has 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. This enhances the clarity and offers crystal clear picture quality and vivid, true-to-life detail. 4K TVs are the most popular televisions and offer an incredible viewing experience in the comfort of your home!

Is it worth it to get a 4K TV?

Absolutely, 4K is so much better than full high definition, four times better to be precise. Movie night is better, sports are better, gaming is better - everything is better in 4K resolution. Get in the game with a 4K gaming tv with an Auto Low Latency Mode setting that will automatically minimise input lag and optimise picture settings.

Do You Need a Soundbar with a 4K TV?

You don’t need to use a soundbar with a 4K TV, however, a soundbar can be the perfect addition for an immersive home cinema experience! Here at Reliant, we offer a variety of soundbars from leading brands such as Samsung and LG, so you can seriously level up your TV set up and enjoy an enhanced tv experience.

What’s the Difference Between a 4K or 8K TV?

Both 4K and 8K TVs can produce outstanding visuals, with an amazing depth of colour and detail, but the key difference between 4K and 8K televisions lies in the number of pixels. Whereas 4K Ultra HD televisions have up to four times as many pixels as a standard definition TV, 8K has four times the pixels of 4K, offering ultimate sharpness.

Make Clever Savings on 4K Smart TVs

Whether you’re looking for the latest 4K 55-inch tv, a feature rich 65-inch tv or a large 75-inch tv, we’ve got the best tv deals you will find. You will notice so much more when watching tv in 4K resolution so grab a deal today! We have a great range of 4K Smart TVs, meaning you can find great deals on exceedingly clever tech.

What is the Difference Between 4K & a Smart TV?

This is a common question as tv technology can be confusing. 4K is the screen resolution, with the 4K element roughly equating to four thousand pixels wide (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) whereas Smart TV simply refers to a television that has in-built applications, like Netflix, Prime and Disney+ tv apps.