Electric Ovens

If you’re looking to upgrade your cooking equipment for your kitchen, check out the range of electric ovens at Reliant. Our electric cookers, from big-name brands you can trust, like Samsung and Indesit, are of the highest quality and add real value to your kitchen. Create and cook incredible family meals each and every night in your brand-new electric oven and hob from Reliant. Available in a range of colours, styles and designs, you can choose the ideal single electric oven for your kitchen.

Great Choice of Electric Cookers

Browse our wide range of electric ovens and hobs, and choose the perfect one for you. Not only are there multiple colours to choose from - including black, silver and stainless steel - you can also pick up an electric oven with a high energy rating of B and above. So you can save some money on your monthly bills.

Double Electric Ovens

If you’ve got a big family and need some additional cooking space, then a double electric oven is perfect for you. We have a fantastic selection of built-in electric ovens and hobs that can make a huge difference to how you cook family meals.

Make Cooking Easier

Enjoy a more even approach to cooking with less chance of cold spots and heat pockets with our range of big-name brand electric ovens. Ideal for all your favourite family meals, pick one up today from Reliant.

Affordable Electric Cookers

Find a deal today at Reliant by picking up one of our superb electric ovens. Available in a range of designs and styles, take your pick from our fantastic collection of electric ovens and hobs. With great prices and impressive energy ratings, you’ll be impressed by what our double and single electric ovens can offer.

Secure and Reliable

Electric ovens at Reliant are extremely durable and reliable, giving you the peace of mind that your family meals will be better than ever. The high energy ratings on a number of our electric cookers will also give oyu valuable savings on your everyday costs.

Shop with Reliant

Make mealtimes easier than ever before with our range of electric ovens. With fabulous deals on all our products, including our fridges & freezers, TVs, and a whole host of other items!