Best TV Deals

Discover our best tv deals on a wide range of 4K TVs & 8K TVs from the leading brands including Samsung, LG and TCL, all with the latest OLED, QLED and LED technology. Fantastic TVs specifically designed to enhance your viewing pleasure with crisp and clear colours.

Explore 4K QLED TVs 

With a 4K QLED TV you can experience 100% colour volume, here at Reliant, we stock a line of great QLED 4K TVs in sizes up to 98 inches. Quantum dot LED technology enhances luminosity and colour vibrancy so you won't miss a detail.  

Discover the beauty of 4K OLED TVs

Bring cinema quality to your living room with a 4K OLED TV, available at Reliant in various frame sizes and styles, with tons of innovative features. OLED technology alters the lighting of individual pixels instead of the entire screen, which creates the highest-quality display.

True Innovation 4K Neo QLED TVs 

If you’re looking for a long-lasting television with the best technology, look no further than a 4K Neo QLED TV. The best on the market, you won’t find a brighter, sleeker TV with plenty of features so you can enjoy all your favourite entertainment on an exceptional screen.

The Best Brands at Reliant

Discover trusted brands, like Samsung, LG, and TCL. From the latest in technology, 4K QLED, OLED, and Neo QLED TVs at unmissable prices to suit your budget. Select the perfect screen size and style for your home, and upgrade your television today.