Induction Hobs

Cook up fantastic family meals every night on a brand-new induction hob. At Reliant, we have a stunning collection of induction stove hobs at great prices. They’re also available in a variety of designs and layouts so you can choose the best induction hob for your kitchen. Our induction hobs come from a variety of big-name brands, such as Samsung, Hoover and Bosch, giving you total peace of mind about their quality. Bag yourself a bargain and add some character to your kitchen with a hob from Reliant.

What is an Induction Hob?

An induction hob works in a similar manner to an electric hob but has coils underneath the surface. These coils use an electrical current to generate heat in the pan that’s on the hob. This uses less power than a standard electric hob and only heats up once the pan is placed on the stove.

Benefits of an Induction Hob

One of the main advantages of an induction hob is how energy efficient they are. Because they don’t heat up until the pan is on the induction stove, induction hobs preserve energy, helping with your bills. They’re also safer than their counterparts because they switch off when the pan is removed from the surface. And, last of all, because the heat is only on where it needs to be, you won’t have a constantly hot stove.

Best Induction Hobs

At Reliant, you can choose stylish induction hobs from big-name brands. A Bosch induction will look fantastic in your home with its modern touches and easy-to-clean surfaces. We also have hobs with different-sized induction stoves, which are ideal for heating up small and large pans alike.

Affordable Induction Hobs

Grab a bargain today at Reliant by picking up one of our induction hobs. With great prices and impressive energy ratings, you’ll be impressed by what they can offer.

Induction Hobs at Reliant

Induction hobs at Reliant are all extremely durable and reliable, giving you the peace of mind that your family meals will be better than ever.

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