Whether you’re looking to upgrade or downsize your fridge or you’re looking for an additional small fridge, we have the perfect selection for you. Choose from a range of mini fridges, under counter freezers, large free standing tall fridges and more, in a variety of styles and colours. Discover fridge deals from the big name brands you know and trust, available to shop online at Reliant

Large Fridges

If you’re looking to upgrade to a larger taller fridge with more space for your essentials, we offer a variety of big-brand fridges to suit your needs. Get your hands on a stylish Samsung fridge with an all-round cooling system and choose either the plumbed or non-plumbed option.

Small Fridges

Save space with our small fridge range, perfect for fitting into compact spaces. Our range of small fridges is ideal for popping under your kitchen counter for easy access. Or, if you would prefer, you can use your small fridge as a convenient drinks fridge, keeping your beverages nice and chilled.

Don’t Forget The Freezer

Why not pair your new stand-alone fridge with a matching upright freezer? We have a variety of sizes to choose from, including smaller under-counter fridges and mini-fridges. Whatever you require, we have a range of freezers to fit your needs and your kitchen interior.

Choose From a Range of Brands

We have a range of trusted big brands to choose from so you can be assured your new fridge is high-quality. Choose from a selection of fridges from Bosch & Hotpoint and more!

What to Consider When Buying a Fridge

When thinking about what to consider when buying a fridge or small fridge, there are several aspects to consider. Firstly, an important choice is whether to go with a freestanding or built-in fridge. A freestanding fridge is a better choice if you want more flexibility regarding where your fridge will go. However, if aesthetics are key as they provide a more seamless look, why not try an integrated fridge?

How Long Does a New Fridge Take to Get Cold?

On average, a full-sized fridge takes around 12 hours to fully cool down. This can change depending on the brand and size of your fridge. However, you should factor in between two and 24 hours. Generally speaking, however, a fridge will be suitable for use between three to five hours.

How Much Energy Does a Fridge Use?

If you’re wondering how much energy a fridge uses, the answer is not definitive and changes depending on the brand and size of the fridge you choose. A fridge can range anywhere from using 100 to 400 watts of energy, so you will find the energy fridges use can vary between models. At Reliant, we provide many different energy-efficient fridges. So you can reduce your impact on the environment as well as save on your energy bills.

What is the Best Temperature for a Fridge?

In order to keep your fridge at the correct temperature, you must change the temperature it operates to suit the environment you are in. Ideally, a fridge operates best when it is kept between 2 to 4 °C. Many of our fridges, in particular our IceKing range, feature electronic temperature control. Therefore, choosing the optimal temperature for your fridge couldn’t be easier with our convenient range of fridges.

Drinks Fridges

Keep all of your drinks cool and fresh for longer with your very own wine cooler from Reliant. Perfect for most-sized bottles, a drinks fridge is ideal for creating extra space in your fridge while keeping all of your drinks cool.

Speak to the Experts

Don’t miss out on our reliable, durable and efficient fridges. If you’re unsure about which fridge you should buy, don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our experts who will be more than happy to assist you.