Dishwashers are the ultimate appliance to streamline your routine and make your life easier, especially in a large household. Find the right dishwasher to keep your dishes squeaky clean whilst looking great in your home. We offer both integrated and freestanding dishwashers, as well as slimline options to suit any space. Whether you’re looking to leave the washing up behind or you’re ready to upgrade your current model, shop the range here!

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Here at Reliant, we stock the best household appliances from the best household names. Our dishwasher range includes options from a number of leading brands. You’ll find high-quality Bosch dishwashers, as well as models from Beko, Hotpoint, Indesit and more on our site.

Find the perfect dishwasher to suit your home

If you’re looking for the right dishwasher to fit your kitchen or utility room, we have a number of options to suit your space and requirements. Our dishwasher collection includes integrated dishwashers that can be permanently installed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen cabinets.

The ideal dishwasher to suit your family

If an integrated dishwasher isn't right for you, try freestanding dishwashers that give you the freedom to move your appliance when you need to. You’ll also find options with varying load capacities, so you can select the correct size to fit all your plates, pans, and more. Put an end to tedious washing up and invest in one of our high-quality dishwasher models. In this collection, you’ll find dishwashers with a range of features and settings to suit your daily needs.

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Discover dishwasher models complete with the latest washing-up technology, including innovative features and useful settings to make your life easier. Our collection includes dishwasher models with height-adjustable shelves, allowing you to modify each load. We also have dishwashers offering noise reducing features, eco-friendly cycle settings, and even WiFi enabled Bosch dishwashers that allow you to control your dishwasher wherever you are.

How Long does a Dishwasher Last?

As a general rule, your dishwasher should last for at least 10 years. To help your dishwasher to perform well for longer, follow the instructions in the owner’s manual regarding general maintenance, how often your machine needs cleaning, and how to properly stack it. Our range of dishwashers contains models from the very best brands, including Hotpoint dishwashers and Bosch dishwashers, meaning you can enjoy your new purchase for longer.

How Much is a Dishwasher?

The price you should pay for a dishwasher depends on what you need it to do. Depending on the brand and specifications, dishwashers can cost anything from a couple of hundred pounds to upwards of £1000. Do you expect to put your dishwasher to the test on a regular basis with multiple loads a day? Do you want to take advantage of features like time delay, InfoLight, EcoSilence, and automatic detergent detection? Browse our dishwashers and find the perfect option for your needs today.

How Long Does a Dishwasher Take?

A dishwasher takes between anything from 30 minutes to four hours to finish a cycle, depending on the wash selected. Many of our dishwashers have a quick wash option to help you achieve an efficient - but glistening - clean in a short time period. Most dishwashers cycles are around two hours long, with modern energy-efficient dishwashers needing a longer run time to achieve amazing results because they use less water than older models.

What is a Semi-Integrated Dishwasher?

In contrast to an integrated dishwasher, which is fully concealed when the cupboard door is closed, a semi-integrated dishwasher still shows the control panel. Usually appearing at the top, this means there is a small area of the dishwasher visible while the rest of it is concealed, blending in with the rest of your kitchen. Semi-integrated dishwashers are a great option for those who prefer easy access to the control panel whilst maintaining their kitchen aesthetic.

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If you’re looking to upgrade your appliances, you’re in the right place. Along with our unbeatable range of dishwashers, you’ll find everything from washers and dryers to fridges and freezers and more across our site.

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