Add the finishing touches to your kitchen with our impressive range of kitchen taps at amazing prices. From shining silver to matte black and everything in between, these kitchen sink taps will perfectly compliment your kitchen. Our luxurious taps include pull-out sprays, dual lever, boiling hot water and much more. You won’t have to compromise on functionality or style!

Discover our range of high-quality taps

Whether you’ve just renovated your kitchen and need the finishing touches, or you’re just making a few changes, a new tap can make all the difference. Our selection of kitchen taps is sourced from the very best manufacturers, meaning you can shop in confidence.

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We use our kitchen taps every day, so it’s important for you to find the right tap for your kitchen. With our high-quality kitchen sinks, you’ll wash those dishes with ease, perfect for every day use. In a range of colours and styles, from modern to traditional, our taps are designed to perfectly fit the style of your kitchen.

Hot water taps

Enjoy the convenience of instant boiling water with a hot tap, or direct water with ease with a flexible pull-out tap. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find the perfect tap to upgrade your kitchen at Reliant!

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Plus, we have a range of fantastic kitchen appliances to help you build your dream kitchen, from washers and dryers, to high-end fridges and freezers. Plus, a range of incredible cooking equipment to make your kitchen stylish and practical.

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Need some help?

If you require some help settling on the best product for you, or with placing an order, our knowledgeable team is always happy to help. Plus, we can beat any price from any other authorised UK dealer! Contact us to see how we can help.