Air Fryers

Looking to invest in a Tower Air Fryer oven? At Reliant, We offer a range of Tower multi-functional air fryers to suit all your cooking needs. You can have it all, from Dual Baskets to Rotisserie style air fryers, with our many cheap air fryers on offer. Browse our air fryers range and start eating healthier, spending less time in the kitchen, and saving money today!

Time Saving

Air fryers cook food 30% quicker, giving you more time out of the kitchen and making room for quality time with family and friends. Cut down on your energy bill and make fantastic savings with our cheap air fryers!

Cooking Made Simple

Cooking is made easy! Whip up your family favourites, from delicious chicken drumsticks to golden brown sausages that are perfectly cooked and crispy every time. No need to fuss about cooking temperatures either, thanks to ready-made pre-sets!

Healthier Dishes

Reduce your oil intake instantly with an air fryer oven, using 99% less oil than a regular cooker, helping you focus on your health and keeping that great taste and flavour. No need to deep fry foods or wait hours for your meat to roast.

Tower Air Fryers

Take the thought out of cooking with a Tower air fryer. With over 100 years of quality in design satisfaction, this is a brand you can trust. With lots of varieties and cheap air fryer deals, there’s never been a better time to switch.

Looking to Cut Your Energy Bills?

To cut down on your energy costs, switch from a conventional oven to an air fryer. With our range of air fryers ovens, you can cut your energy bill by upto 50%, providing more reasons to make a healthier choice. At Reliant, we have a range of air fryers on sale, so investing in a new appliance doesn't have to break the bank!

Speak to an Expert

If you require assistance choosing the perfect air fryer oven for you or placing an order, our knowledgeable team is always happy to help. Did you know, we offer all top brand electricals at amazingly low prices and can beat any price from any other authorised UK dealer? Contact us today to see how we can help.