Quooker Taps

Created from a family’s vision, in the 1970s, the first Quooker tap was created, which has now become a staple across kitchens worldwide. The Quooker was the original first boiling-water tap and still, today, has revolutionised the kitchen sink providing instant boiling water internationally. A fantastic tool to behold and a sustainable choice in the long run.

If this is the first you’ve heard of a boiling water tap, all you need to know is that it is a modern appliance that instantly omits boiling 100-degree water. Models like the Quooker Flex tap dispense 100°C boiling hot and cold water. They're nifty and functional!

A Problem Solving Tool

A hot water tap is much safer than your everyday kettle and handy in the kitchen for more than you would think! From washing vegetables efficiently to deep-cleaning your dishes, and not to forget how stylish and clutter-free they’re, there’s not much not to love. As well as being aesthetically pleasing boiling water taps can save you lots of money, as you only use what you need, meaning less waste and lots of love for the planet! And if that’s not all, you will save copious amounts of time; no more leaning over the sink to fill the kettle; push and twist for instant boiling water. If instant boiling water from your tap worries you, you can be sure these modern-day super taps are packed with built-in safety features, keeping your home safe and streamlined.

Great For New Parents

Boiling water taps have made lives for new parents a little less stressful. With the convenience of instant 100 degrees boiling water, you can sterilise your little ones' bottles and teats with peace of mind. Preparing for feeding time is much quicker and easier with a hot water tap and a helping hand when you need it most!

Energy Efficient Taps

If you love your tea and coffee, a boiling water tap will be much more efficient than your kettle, especially if you have a family where the kettle is boiled multiple times a day. We usually pour more water from the tap than we need into our kettles, which means constantly wasting or reheating water which is the opposite of energy efficiency. You can even turn your boiling water tap off overnight to save even more money!

Quooker All-in-one Tap Quooker All-in-one Tap

Quooker All-in-one Tap Stainless Steel Quooker All-in-one Tap Stainless Steel

Quooker Flex

Meet the Quooker Flex tap, the only one with a flexable pull-out hose (approx 30cm in length) which offers more functionality in the kitchen. The Quooker Flex is available in three finishes; polished chrome, stainless steel, and black. In an intelligent rounded shape, fitted with Quooker's safe push and turn the switch to avoid any nasty accidents.

The Flex supplies 100-degree boiling, hot, and cold water; if you opt for a Quooker CUBE, you can have chilled and sparkling tap water! The pull-out hose is super handy, and the boiling water stop ensures that only cold water is dispensed. The tap is approx 81cm in length.

Choose A Finish


Polished chrome is an excellent choice as it suits most colour schemes. The overall coat gives a looking-glass effect and is resistant to rust. Extremely easy to clean and ideal for stylish homes.

Stainless Steel

Suppose you’re looking for something long-lasting that won’t stain and has high longevity. Not only is a stainless steel tap easy to clean, but it’s also tough against water and heat. Plus looks clean and contemporary, an excellent choice for modern homes. 


A black tap is probably for you if you want to bring something bold into your modern kitchen. They are a brilliant choice for any home. The only thing to note is that they are more delicate, so you should take care when cleaning them.


Quooker All-in-one Tap Flex Polished Chrome Quooker All-in-one Tap Flex Polished Chrome
Quooker All-in-one Flex Tap Stainless Steel Quooker All-in-one Flex Tap Stainless Steel

Flex Stainless Steel

Quooker All-in-one Flex Tap Polished Chrome Quooker All-in-one Flex Tap Polished Chrome

Flex Polished Chrome

Quooker All-in-one Flex Tap Black Quooker All-in-one Flex Tap Black

Flex Black

Quooker All-in-one Flex Tap Black Quooker All-in-one Flex Tap Black

Cleaning Your Quooker Boiling Water Tap

Take care of your Quooker boiling water tap, from the moment it’s installed. Different materials require their own care which is why you need to know how to care for them before you bring them home.

Polished chrome, stainless steel, nickel and gold

Quooker recommends explicitly using only water or glass cleaner to clean your tap. Avoid harsh cloths, and do not spray cleaners straight onto the tap. Once clean, dry the fixture straight away.


Keep your black Quooker tap looking brand new, avoid alcohol-based detergents as they will damage the veneer, and only use warm water and a non-abrasive cloth when cleaning.