Integrated Fridges

Pack in your weekly shop and create more counter space in your kitchen with an integrated fridge from Reliant. Our range of integrated fridges includes integrated undercounter fridges and integrated larder fridges, ideal for packing in more food and drink. The great thing about the integrated fridges at Reliant is that they’re from big-name brands you can trust, like Hoover and Bosch. Go for the minimalistic look with an integrated fridge today.

Integrated Undercounter Fridge

Have you found that your standard /fridges-freezers/fridges is full and running out of space? Well, with an integrated undercounter fridge from Reliant, you can add a few more items of food and drinks to make the most of your kitchen space. 

Perfect For Smaller Kitchens

Integrated undercounter fridges are also useful for smaller kitchens with no extra floor space. Take out a cupboard and add one of our integrated fridges to make the most of your space.  They can seamlessly fit into your kitchen décor, creating more space. 

Minimalistic Kitchen

Another benefit of an integrated fridge is how perfect it is for the minimalistic look in your kitchen. If you’re a lover of hiding away appliances behind cupboard doors, like washing machines and dishwashers, you’ll love our range of integrated fridges at Reliant.

Integrated Larder Fridge

At Reliant, we also stock an impressive range of integrated larder fridges. If you don’t know what an integrated larder fridge is, it’s different from a standard integrated undercounter fridge in that it doesn’t have an ice box. This allows it to have more storage space for your fresh food.

Cost-Effective Integrated Fridges

Grab a bargain today at Reliant by picking up one of our fantastic integrated undercounter fridges. With low prices and impressive energy ratings, you’ll be impressed by what our integrated fridges can offer.

Shop with Reliant

Spoilt for choice? No problem! If you need expert advice to help you find the perfect under counter fridge for your home, our friendly team is always happy to help. Simply contact us today or check out our FAQs for help and advice.