How Do I Get Rid Of Screen Burn On My TV?

Screen burn is the bane of every tech-lover’s existence. Screen burn refers to a situation in which a specific image, displayed on a TV or other screen for too long, actually “Burns” into the surface of the screen.

Screen burn is a problem that still haunts our nightmares, but here at Reliant, we have found a number of ways of dealing with the problem, and even preventing it outright. Want to know whether you can get rid of screen burn? Or how you can prevent it? Then keep reading down below!

Can Screen Burn Be Fixed?

Unfortunately, the bad news is that screen burn has a permanent and irreversible effect. It is not possible to repair screen burn without entirely replacing the screen itself to bring new life to a TV.

To make matters worse, it is incredibly costly to replace the screen of a TV, as it is easily the most expensive part of the entire unit. If your TV has succumbed to screen burn, it may actually be more cost-effective to replace the entire unit, rather than replacing the screen, depending on how old the TV is.

Screen burn is totally irreversible, so you will want to make sure to avoid it wherever possible. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to prevent it!

How Do You Make Screen Burn Less Visible?

Luckily, the severity of screen burn cases can vary massively. Where one TV may experience screen burn that completely destroys the TV-watching experience, another may only experience a very minor case of screen burn.

If you find that the screen burn on your TV is not too severe, you can still work around it and enjoy the TV a little longer.

If the screen burn is minor, then one way you can work around it is to temporarily bump up the brightness. We need to emphasise the importance of temporarily boosting brightness, as high brightness is one of the biggest culprits behind the phenomenon. When using your TV, set the brightness to a higher level, until the burnt-in image becomes less of a distraction.

When you are done with your TV, make sure to turn the brightness down, and turn the unit off fully, to allow the screen plenty of time to rest.

What Causes Screen Burn?

Screen burn occurs when a static image is displayed on a TV for an extended period of time. Maintaining an image for an extended period makes use of a significant amount of energy, which can cause individual pixels to begin to degrade at a much faster rate.

When a pixel is producing its own light, it naturally generates heat. However, the frequent changing of light levels and colours of pixels helps to prevent them from ever becoming too hot and degrading at faster rates. This is why displaying static images for extended periods is so detrimental to the health of a TV.

When pixels degrade as a result of screen burn, they will retain the impression of the static image behind the screen burn, which is what makes the problem so frustrating.

Screen burn is caused by the pixels of a screen degrading as a result of excessive power usage. When a static image is left on, the pixels need to expend significant energy to display it, which results in pixel degradation.

Brightness can play a key role in cases of screen burn. If the brightness of a TV is too high, then screen burn is far more likely to occur.

The science behind screen burn helps to explain why the issue is so commonly associated with 4K OLED TVs, which feature individually illuminated pixels. 4K QLED TVs, on the other hand, are not susceptible to screen burn, as they make use of a backlight.

burn-in OLED

How Do You Prevent Screen Burn From Occurring?

Recently picked up a new 4K TV to replace a TV that had fallen victim to screen burn? To prevent the problem from occurring on your new model, make sure to carefully observe the following tips.

Make Use Of Pixel Shift

Pixel shift is a special function that can be accessed on many modern smart TVs that helps to prevent screen burn from occurring. Pixel shift works by “shifting” individual pixels randomly in short intervals, to keep them from displaying the same image for too long.

Many modern smart TVs, like Samsung 4K TVs and LG 4K TVs, allow you to easily toggle pixel shift from the built-in system settings.

Lower The Brightness

Higher brightness will lead to faster degradation of pixels, so one of the best ways to protect the health of your TV is to lower the brightness of the screen. Many market-leading smart TVs, such as Philips 4K TVs feature auto-brightness functions that can adjust to the conditions of your room, so if you find yourself in a situation where you need a temporary boost in brightness, you can depend on the TV to automatically adjust.

Turn Off Your TV When Not In Use

Many cases of screen burn occur accidentally, when a screen is left on a static image for extended periods. Whenever you step away from your TV for a significant amount of time, make sure to turn it off. This allows the screen plenty of time to rest and cool down, preventing screen burn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do LED TVs Get Screen Burn?

Though LED TVs do operate slightly differently from OLED TVs, they are still ultimately just as susceptible to screen burn. If you want to prevent screen burn on an LED TV, we recommend turning down your brightness when in use, and turning the TV off completely when not in use.

How Long Does TV Burn-In Last?

Unfortunately, TV burn-in is an irreversible change, and there is no fix available for the problem. This means that, no matter how long you wait, TV burn-in will not solve itself at all. The only way to resolve burn-in is to replace the entire screen of the TV, which is a very costly repair.

Do Modern TVs Get Screen Burn?

Although many advancements in TV technology have helped to prevent screen burn, it is unfortunately an issue that still plagues many TV owners. Luckily, modern TVs like QLED TVs, which make use of special technology, are able to completely avoid screen burn, making them a great option for people who want to avoid the problem outright.

Will Screen Burn Get Worse?

Screen burn will not worsen unless the user continues to overload the pixels of the screen. While screen burn will not get worse by itself, it also will not get any better, and will not resolve itself with time. If your TV is only suffering from a minor case of screen burn, we recommend taking the utmost care to ensure it does not worsen to an annoying degree.

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